The Muncher® Can Handle Specialized Problems!

Specialized Designs for Unique Problems

For those clients requiring waste handling for a single crop, especially those that are difficult to process using other techniques, The Muncher® is the ideal solution.

Let us discuss your individual situation, and custom design a Muncher for your particular needs.

Although corn cobs are tough and fibrous, they can be effectively processed by the Muncher® and transformed into biofuel.

Rotten fish can be processed into nutrient rich fertilizer. Even the characteristic odor is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Tomato waste by itself is almost as acidic as lemon juice, yet tests at a large tomato-producing facility proved the Muncher® processes this material easily.

Kelp deposited on a beach is both unsightly and an enviromental hazard, but it can be disposed of quickly and safely by using portable Munchers.