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Eco Sphere Sciences, Inc.. is a Nevada based company specializing in simple, environmentally friendly solutions to help solve today's pressing waste disposal, agricultural, and environmental problems. Eco Sphere Sciences, Inc. plans to market a variety of products and processes it has already developed and patented to transform the waste disposal industry, significantly improve agricultural productivity, and remediate environmental pollution.

The Core Technology

Eco Sphere Sciences has developed an approach to the problem of waste disposal which is economically superior to current methods for a large segment of the waste disposal industry, and has the added advantage that it has none of the undesirable environmental consequences presented by current methods of waste disposal. This method is aerobic digestion, a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes incorporated in a machine we call the Muncher. The Muncher reduces waste and transforms the residue into saleable byproducts: liquid effluent, solid cake, and carbon dioxide. Both the effluent and the cake are extremely effective organic fertilizers with none of the liabilities presented by commercial chemical fertilizers. Finally, the Muncher can also be used to perform environmental cleanup of such toxic chemicals as PCBs, dioxins, and nitrates. The Muncher produces no hazardous gases or harmful byproducts. The Eco Sphere Sciences' system is protected by U.S. patents.

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